2015-16 Week 30 — March 21

It’s almost Easter Break! We’ve got a short but busy week this week, so let’s be sure that we stay focused so that we can end on a high note!

A note about Ch 8 and 9 in The Great Gatsby. We haven’t discussed those in class yet (we’ll discuss them on Monday), so I went ahead and added pictures of my answers to the study guide questions for those chapters. I want to be able to wrap up this book on Monday so that you can have Tuesday to review and prepare for your test. Please make sure that you have read both chapters BEFORE you come to class on Monday. Skimming the notes or reading SparkNotes is NOT reading the chapters–you have to read the actual chapters.

About the Great Gatsby test on Wednesday and Thursday–Your test will be split up over two days again. We’ll have mass on Wednesday (mass uniforms that day, please!), so our periods will be slightly shorter that day. On Wednesday, part 1 of the test will be on quote identification and essay, and on Thursday, part 2 will be short answer. Some of you have told me that you will not be at school on Thursday. You MUST take part 2 on Wednesday in Tutorials if you will be absent on Thursday. Make sure that you see me to set that up.

Let’s look at this week:

  • Monday, March 21
    • Discuss Ch 8-9 in class
      • I added pictures of my study guide answers for Ch 8-9 to the Gatsby Materials post in Google Classroom
    • Receive Graded Essay 7 Rough Draft essays
      • Final Drafts will be due on Thursday, April 7 at 9pm on Turnitin.com AND in class (Printed!) on Friday, April 8. BOTH copies must be turned in. The Turnitin deadline is to check for plagiarism and the printed copy is the one that is actually graded.
  • Tuesday, March 22
    • Review for Gatsby Test
      • Content Review
      • Quote Review
  • Wednesday, March 23
    • Study Guide due for 10 extra credit points on test
      • Your answers must be your own and original (and not copy/pasted from my notes, from SparkNotes, etc., or from the Sophomore Quizlet). Any copied answers will NOT earn extra points.
    • Gatsby Test, part 1
      • Quotes
      • Essay
  • Thursday, March 24
    • Gatsby Test, part 2
      • Short Answer
  • Friday, March 25
    • Good Friday and the beginning of Easter Break!

I know that we’ll all be tempted to slack off this week, but we’ve got to finish strong. Let’s have a great week so that we can all relax and enjoy Easter Break!