Harnessing Stress and Making It Work for You

Good morning! I know that many of you are on the way to take the ACT. I’m praying that you are able to relax and show what you know. Good luck!

An article came across my newsfeed this morning and I thought that it was perfect for today and for this time of the year. The main focus of the article centers around the idea that you can harness stress and make it work for you to help you grow. Stress is unavoidable, so it’s important to learn how to manage it. Rather than letting it take over and paralyze you, this article gives ideas about how to use your stress reactions to grow and learn and challenge yourself.

One of the things that the article suggests is that students who practice acts of kindness and compassion are better able to handle and manage the stress in their lives. I love that!

This is my favorite quote, though: “When we are anxious, stop interpreting it as a sign that we are inadequate and start seeing it as a way that we can rise to the challenge.” I love that! Stress is inevitable in our lives–ask your parents–but it doesn’t have to paralyze or weaken us. We can use it to move forward and reach new goals.

You can read the full article here:

How Harnessing the Positive Side of Stress Can Change Student Mindsets

Before I let you go, I want to ask you all to be in prayer for McKenzie Farricker, for her family, and for the ACA community. I know that they are our rivals on the field and court, but they are also our brothers and sisters in Christ, and we lift them up in this time of tragedy.  ❤️