2015-16 Week 32 — April 4/11

Hello, all! We’re about to embark on another week–6 more weeks + finals week!

This week should be another fairly light week, homework-wise, for English. If you haven’t finished your Lit Circle novel, I’d strongly encourage you to work on getting it finished or mostly finished this week! You’ll be thankful as we get closer to the end of the semester.

Let’s take a look at this week’s plan:

  • Monday, April 11
    • Globe Theatre prezi in class
    • Globe Theatre activity (finish for homework)
  • Tuesday, April 12
    • Tone powerpoint
    • work on Elizabeth England speeches
  • Wednesday, April 13
    • Julius Caesar introduction
    • quickwrite
  • Thursday, April 14
    • Colors Retreat/Activity for Sophomores
    • Experiencing Shakespeare video
  • Friday, April 15
    • Finishing Experiencing Shakespeare video
    • AotW due (already in Google Classroom)

Don’t forget that all of the Articles of the Week for the rest of the semester are up in Google Classroom already. Feel free to go ahead and do them and get them done!

Upcoming due dates for the next two weeks:

  • Friday, 4/15 AotW
  • Monday, 4/18 Life in Elizabethan England speeches
  • Friday, 4/22 4th Quarter DGP test
  • Friday, 4/22 Mid-Quarter **All late work from the first part of this quarter is due by this date. You will not be able to turn in late work from the first half of the quarter after this point.

Let’s work hard this week and have a great week!