2015-16 Week 33 — April 4/18

I just counted the number of days left, and we’re down to 26 + exam days. 26 days of school! Wow, you guys–we’ve got a lot to do between now and then! 🙂

This week should be another fairly light week because I know that you’re all finished with your Life in Elizabethan England projects. I have added an assignment on Google Classroom where you will either add your Prezi link or upload your PowerPoint from your Google Drive. You should do this by the beginning of class tomorrow. Anyone who hasn’t uploaded the file by the beginning of your class period will receive a late penalty. I know that some of the tennis girls are out tomorrow–make sure that you get your file uploaded. If your partner has uploaded the file, you can simply enter DONE.

Also, this is your last fairly light week before we have daily reading homework in Julius Caesar. I STRONGLY advise you to finish up your Lit Circle book. The Session 2 videos are due on Monday, May 2 (REG ENG) and Monday, May 9 (HON ENG). Please do not wait until the last minute. This is your last Lit Circle video of the year, so let’s make sure that you end on a high note.

Let’s look at this week:

  • Monday, April 18
    • DGP
    • Life in Elizabethan England Presentations
  • Tuesday, April 19
    • DGP
    • Life in Elizabethan England Presentations
    • Deadline for any 4th quarter late work. All missing work will be marked 0 after this point.
  • Wednesday, April 20
    • DGP
    • Life in Elizabethan England Presentations
    • Intro to Julius Caesar Prezi
  • Thursday, April 21
    • Mrs. Turner with Freshmen at ASF
    • Lit Circle Reading Day–you MUST bring something to read (a novel, not a textbook!) or something will be given to you
  • Friday, April 22
    • Q4 DGP test

So that’s this week! If you are worried about the DGP test on Friday, come to tutorials early in the week. I’ll be happy to work with you, but do not wait until the last minute.

One other thing–I added a question to Google Classroom yesterday to ask about music suggestions that help you connect with God and faith. 🙂

Have a great week!