2015-16 Week 34 — April 25

4 more weeks of content and then 1 week of exams! We’re almost there! You’ve got to finish strong, though, so stay focused! Friday was the midpoint of 4th quarter, so any late work that you didn’t have turned in by Friday can no longer be accepted (except for those video recordings that I know that some of you did and forgot to upload–those can be turned in as late as Monday, 4/25, but not after that). I do have a new Late Work thread up for the rest of April and May, but you really need to stay on top of your work so that you don’t fall behind in these final weeks.

We’re gong to start actually reading Julius Caesar this week, so don’t forget that you will have homework EVERY night. (There may be one or two nights in there that you don’t, but you will have work every night.) It is essential that you read the scenes BEFORE you come to class so that we can read through together. We will be reading these out loud and acting them out because I firmly believe that Shakespeare is meant to be heard and experienced. Here’s a link to the Julius Caesar Schedule (and the schedule for the rest of the semester). There’s a copy of this schedule in the Julius Caesar materials post in Google Classroom, too, along with study guide questions to guide your reading. We will not necessarily be going over these questions in class other than generally as a part of our discussion of the play, but these questions can help you prepare for the exam.

Speaking of exams, I’ve decided that I’m going to test on Julius Caesar a little differently. On Monday we’ll be talking about a project for Julius Caesar that you should be working on AS we read (and not waiting until the very last second the night before it’s due!). There will be a check-in grade on Wednesday, May 4 that will count as a Project grade, and then the final project is due on Friday, May 13. If you all will treat this project seriously, then I’m willing to count this final project as a Test grade for Julius Caesar instead of the usual short answer test. You will still have a quote identification/explanation test on Wednesday, May 18, but you won’t have the usual short answer section. If I think the majority of you are messing around with the project, though, and leaving it for the last minute, though, I reserve the right to change my mind and give you the traditional short answer test. It is very much to your benefit to take this project seriously and work on it as we go rather than waiting to try to cram it all in right at the end.

Let’s take a look at this week:

  • Monday, April 25
  • Tuesday, April 26
  • Wednesday, April 27
  • Thursday, April 28
  • Friday, April 29
    • AotW (in Google Classroom)
    • Angel vs. Devil: Brutus’ Decision activity
    • Close Read of 2.1 again
    • You should have ideas for at least 6 scenes for your Matchbook Project by now to make sure that you’re on track! Benchmark Project grade deadline is Wednesday, May 4.

I think we’ve got some big games this week–I know that Softball plays a couple of times (Tuesday at 4:30 and 6 at Lagoon Park and Thursday at 4 at home–I think). On Friday, the Softball Area Tournament starts, and the Outdoor Track Sectionals begin. Friday night is a huge soccer game for the Varsity Boys at 5:30 against LAMP and Saturday night the Varsity Girls have a huge game, too. Please come out and support our various teams in these events, especially the Area Tournaments/Meets. As we’ve done for other events, I’ll give you 10 pts for a Selfie at any of these events (but only 10 pts–I can’t give you 10 pts for going to each event). I’ll add it to the Julius Caesar Quote test. If you see me at any of these events, get a selfie with me, but if not, get a selfie of you with the sport going on in the background or with the scoreboard in the background. Add these pics to Google Classroom. Go Knights!

Also, it’s time to apply to be involved with Student Government next year! SGA Applications are due to Mrs. LaFond by Friday, April 29. You can go here to download the application. Next year will be a big year for you in SGA, as it will be the year you are in charge of Prom. If you want to have a voice in that event, you need to apply for SGA.

Let’s have a great week!