For those considering going to the Softball Games…

I’m super excited that our Varsity Softball team is in the State tournament, and I wish them all the luck tomorrow in their games. I wish that I could be there to cheer them on, but a 9am game and a possible 1pm game the week before Finals makes that impossible.

Several of you have mentioned that you’re going or thinking about it. I need to remind you that you’ve got a test tomorrow–one that has been scheduled for weeks. It’s only 20 quotes and shouldn’t take you too long, but it’s a test that you need to plan to take.

I will be out on Thursday, and I may or may not be able to have tutorials on Friday. My father-in-law’s funeral is on Saturday in Atlanta and I’ve got a long list of last minute preparations to do to prepare my family to travel for that. I cannot give you class time to take this test on Friday because we’ve got exam preparation to do, and I cannot let this test spill over into next week because I have to have it graded before Finals begin.

It is for this reason that I strongly urge you to be sure to take this test tomorrow, either during your class period or during tutorials. We’re too close to Finals at this point to do anything differently. If you check out to go to one of the games, make sure that you come back for your class period to take this test.

As we get older, we have to make lots of hard choices. (Believe me–there are lots.) It is very important to support our classmates and school teams, but it’s also important to make sure that we take care of our business first and foremost, and school is your business right now.

To my Softball girls–I’ll be cheering you on in my heart. Play scrappy and surprise them all! Go Knights! ❤️