What I’m Reading 6/8/16

Hi, everyone! I thought that you might be interested in what I’m reading this summer. Some of the things I’m reading will be Lit Circle options, Class Novels, or independent reading choices. I am usually reading two or three things at a time, depending on what’s going (for instance, I’ve always got something on the Kindle app on my phone because that’s with me always).

Next year will be a year when we focus on reading and on writing–I’m sure you’re surprised. Lol Seriously, though, when you get to college, you’ll be expected to read (not SparkNote!) and comprehend anywhere from 250-500 pgs of text a week. Yes, I said a WEEK. The only way to be ready for that is to build up your reading stamina. For many of you, you may have only read one book last year (or may have even SparkNoted that one!). Others of you may have read all 6 books that were assigned and maybe a couple extra on your own. Even at that, though, that wouldn’t be enough to build your reading stamina. To that end, we’re going to work on reading more. We’ll do whole class novels in discussion groups, we’ll do Lit Circle novels, and I’m going to encourage/push/beg/cajole/harass (like all of those synonyms? Good vocab comes from reading! 😀) you to read independently as well. You’ll have at least 10 min to read every day in class. The independent reading that you do will be chosen only by you–I don’t care if it’s contemporary or classic or fiction or non-fiction or poetry or prose or graphic novel. I just want you reading. We’ll talk lots more about that when school starts, but prepare yourselves. 😀

So…what am I reading this week?


Book Love by Penny Kittle is a book that will (hopefully) help me help you remember that you actually like books–it’s just about finding the right books for you!

On my Kindle app, I’m finishing The Emperor’s Revenge by Clive Cussler.


This book is an action-adventure book (think Indiana Jones or Jason Bourne on the ocean). There are a bunch of books in this series, and they’re always a great read.

One of the books that I’ll have in my classroom this year (and maybe on the Lit Circle list; I haven’t fully decided yet) is Winger by Andrew Smith.


I’m only about 70 pages in (out of 439), but it’s good so far. It’s about a 14 yr old boy at a private prep school on the West Coast. He’s a smart but scrawny kid–a 14 yr old Jr who is two grades ahead–who has decided that this will be the year that he gets over being younger and skinnier and dorkier than the others. He plays rugby (because he’s fast even though he’s really skinny), so you get some of that guy/sports/team stuff, too. So far so good. I’ll update you when I finish.

So that’s it for now. I’ll finish the Cussler book tonight, probably, and then add a different book, but more on that later. I hope some of you are reading this summer. If you’d like suggestions, you know where to find me! ❤️