Change for AP Language students

Hi all! I wanted to take a moment and share with my AP Language students that there will be a change in the book list. Right now, I’ve got these listed as required texts:

  • As I Lay Dying
  • All the Pretty Horses
  • Impossible Knife of Memory
  • Flannery O’Connor’s Short Story Collection

We’re going to drop As I Lay Dying, not because I don’t love it or because I don’t think it’s a valuable book to read (because I do love it and I do think you’d benefit from reading it) but because I want to make room for more non-fiction pieces in our study. AP Language is really a study of rhetoric, or persuasive speaking, and I’m not convinced that Faulkner’s novel serves that purpose in a way that will be effective for you. I may add it to my Lit Circle list for next year because some of you may miss this note and may buy it, but it’s not going to be required of you. 😊