AP Lang & Comp–clarification of summer reading

Hello, all! It’s come to my attention that there’s a rumor floating around that I’ve changed your summer reading, so I want to make sure you’ve got the correct reading. Can you all make sure the other AP Lang folks know, too?

I removed As I Lay Dying (by Faulkner) from the required book list for the year, but I did not change the summer reading.

AP Lang students should read one of the Lit Circle books that you did not read last year. You should also mark the Notice and Note Signposts (there’s a link on my blog to explanations) in that novel. You should take a few minutes at the end of each reading session and jot down what you’ve ¬†labeled and why. You’ll be using them in a couple of ways when school starts. Having the signposts tagged with post-it notes or flags and having a journal summary of each one will help with the first couple of assignments of the school year.

You need to read How to Read Literature Like a Professor–but just read through it. No annotation is necessary.

I hope that helps! I’ll see you all soon! If you haven’t started reading, you’re running out of time! Make sure that you get started ASAP!