Special prayers for those fighting cancer

Hello friends. As we have prayed this week in my classroom, I’ve heard a lot of people mentioning intentions for those fighting cancer. I thought it might be helpful to give you a few specific prayers for this intention.

For my non-Catholic students and families, when Catholics say prayers asking for the Saints intercessions, we are not asking the saints to work the miracles themselves. The saints in heaven have been shown to be dear and special to God, so when we ask them to intercede for us, it’s like asking them to join their prayers with ours–to put in a good word with God for us. When the need is great,  I like to have as many prayers as possible storming Heaven’s Gates. 😊

The patron saint for those finding cancer is St. Peregrine. There are some prayers for healing and also some prayers for peace during the struggle. Also, there is a specific Saint for those battling breast cancer – St. Agatha. Here are those prayers:

A Prayer to St. Peregrine for One Suffering from Cancer

Dear St. Peregrine, I need your help. I feel so uncertain of my life right now.
This serious illness makes me long for a sign of God’s love.
Help me to imitate your enduring faith when you faced the ugliness of cancer and surgery.
Allow me to trust the Lord the way you did in this moment of distress.

I want to be cured, but right now I ask God for the strength to bear the cross in my life.
I seek the power to proclaim God’s presence in my life despite the hardship,
anguish and fear I now experience.

O Glorious St. Peregrine, be an inspiration to me and petitioner of those needed
graces from our loving Father. Amen.

O glorious St Agatha, who remained faithful to Our Lord even unto death, intercede for me as thou dost rejoice in the reward of thy virtues. Cast a glance of pity on (me /mention the person afflicted with cancer or other serious breast ailment) and grant my petition, if such be the will of God. Make my/her troubles into thine own. Plead for the grace yearned for ardently, and for a blessing that may strengthen me/her during life, so to assist me/her to lead a faithful life, so that, one day, I/she may join you in eternity to behold the Source of Eternal Joy.

Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory Be


Know that all of your prayer intentions are included  and my prayers each day, as well as general prayers and I think now. I hope this is helpful to anyone who is struggling. Have a great weekend!


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