2016-17 Week 5 — September 12

Hello, Knights! Hopefully you had a great weekend fueled by that awesome win on Friday night! I’m so proud of all of my Knights–the ones on the field, the ones in the stands, the ones on the sidelines and with instruments…all of my Knights!! 💙💛💙💛💙

We’ve got another busy week ahead. Let’s take a look:

AP Lang & Comp – Week of 9/12

  • Monday, 9/12
    • In-class essay: Rewrite of Mencken prompt
  • Tuesday, 9/13
    • Review Rhetorical Device Weekly assignment–due Wed, 9/14
    • Discuss Rhetorical Device homework from Friday
    • Lit Circle Session 1 recordings
  • Wednesday, 9/14
    • Rhetorical Device weekly assignment due
    • Discuss Toni Morrison’s “Dear President Obama” p. 19
  • Thursday, 9/15
    • Rhetorical Analysis of Visual Texts and OPTIC
    • Activity on p. 22
    • Google Slides advertisement analysis
  • Friday, 9/16
    • PETA ad on p. 25
    • Read “If the Japanese Can’t Build a Safe Reactor, Who Can” p. 26
    • Junior Ring Presentation in library during Advisory

Eng 11 – Week of 9/12

  • Monday, 9/12
    • final Impossible Knife of Memory discussion video
    • Work on quote/theme work in preparation forImpossible Knife of Memory test on Wed
  • Tuesday, 9/13
    • Lit Circle group voting
    • Continuation of quote/theme work in preparation for test on Wed
  • Wednesday, 9/14
    • Impossible Knife of Memory test
  • Thursday, 9/15
    • Introduction to descriptive writing
    • Descriptive writing practice
  • Friday, 9/16
    • Continue/complete descriptive writing work

Let’s have a great week, Knights! Also, think about what your own personal reading goal is for this week. As a class, we’ve read 28,306 pages since school started and about 7,500-8,000 pages just this week. If you all read at least 100 pages this week, we’d hit 8,900. Should that be our goal? 🙂 I’d really love to see us break 50,000 pages by the end of the month, and we could do it if we read 8,000 pages a week–wouldn’t that be cool?!. Let’s aim high!!

Parents, do you want to get in on this? Do you think the parents could read more than the kids?? Sounds like a little healthy competition! 😉 If you’d like to join our reading challenge (but your totals don’t count in our class competition–sorry, kids!), feel free to share your own reading totals by responding to this survey. Thanks for being amazing!

Go Knights!