2016-17 Week 8 — October 3

Homecoming Week! Let’s see your school spirit this week! Here are the dress-up days:

  • Monday–Game of Life–Character Day!
  • Tuesday–Trouble in Paradise–Tacky Tourist Day!
  • Wednesday–Battleship!–Field Day!
  • Thursday–America’s Past Time–USA Day!
    • Don’t forget the Parade and Bonfire on Thursday!
    • 6:30pm in the field next to the gym
    • All K4-12 families are invited
    • Concessions will be sold
  • Friday–Fear Factor–Spirit Day!

It’ll be a great week! Let’s cheer our Knights on to victory!

School will still be going on throughout all of the exciting Homecoming events, of course, so let’s review our schedule for this week.

AP English Language & Composition

  • Monday, Oct 3
    • Read Christopher Morley’s “On Laziness” in textbook p. 64-65
    • Annotate
    • Develop a thesis statement
    • Homework–read Kennedy Inaugural Address p. 69-72
  • Tuesday, Oct 4
    • Discuss Kennedy address and questions on p. 72
    • Create a thesis for a rhetorical essay on the address
    • Lit Circle Wrap-up–(in groups)create an AP style analysis question using your Lit Circle group
  • Wednesday, Oct 5–Field Day
  • Thursday, Oct 6
    • Read “I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read” p. 176-186 in textbook
    • Annotate for rhetorical appeals and figurative language
  • Friday, Oct 7
    • Create a thesis statement and outline for a rhetorical analysis essay based on “I Know Why the Caged Bird Cannot Read”

English 11

  • Monday, Oct 3
    • College Choice Project–RESEARCH DUE–PROJECT GRADE
    • Individual conferences to assess research
  • Tuesday, Oct 4
    • Utilizing sources in research
    • Synthesizing information (without just copying and pasting)
    • Work time on Research paper
  • Wednesday, Oct 5–Field Day
  • Thursday, Oct 6
    • One-on-one conferencing on research essays so far
    • Work time on Research paper
  • Friday, Oct 7
    • Continued work on quoting and paraphrasing/MLA formatting
    • Work time on Research paper
    • Research Paper due on Monday, 10/10 (WRITING GRADE)

Have a great week!