2016-17 Week 11 β€” October 24

Congrats on a great win to our football team on Friday night! One more regular season game on Friday night and then it’s a playoff game. The last time our team was in the playoffs was 2008, but the last time we won a playoff game was 1989. Let’s go break some records! Our cheerleaders did an awesome job of cheering us on (that pre-game dance with the middle school and JV squads was wonderful!), and as always, our band and color guard rocked out! Our Cross Country team–boys and girls–came in with 2nd place in their meet, beating out the team that they consider to be the biggest challenge in the region. On to Sectionals! Finally, our band and color guard had a competition on Saturday and walked away with all Superior ratings. Henry even won Best in Class for Drum Major! It looks like we’re on a winning streak all around! Go Knights! I hope to see a lot of you at the football game against Marbury on Thursday night!

Let’s take a look at this week. For novel reading, the AP folks should be 230 pages inΒ with Impossible Knife of Memory by Friday. You’ll do a Lit Circle video discussion on the first 200 pages on Tuesday of this week, so make sure that you’re prepared. My regular English classes should be 68 pages in with Fahrenheit 451 by Friday, 10/28. You’ll record a Lit Circle video discussion of that section (Part 1) of the novel in class on Friday.

There is NO Article of the Week this week because I figure we’ll all be at the football game supporting our Knights (or winning the game on the field itself!) on Thursday night. πŸ™‚

Week of 10/24

  • AP English Language & Composition
    • Monday, 10/24
      • Work on rhetorical analysis of a music video
      • Homework: choose your own video to analyze. Complete the document shared in Google Drive with song title and link and lyrics. Analysis will be done later this week.
    • Tuesday, 10/25
      • Lit Circle 1 video for Impossible Knife of Memory
        • focus on theme thus far in novel
        • discuss the work/strategies/tools author is using to convey her ideas
      • Complete analysis of music video begun on Monday
      • Discuss use of quotes in writing
    • Wednesday, 10/26
      • Work on developing claims for analysis
      • Informal/Reflection writing
    • Thursday, 10/27
      • Using Close Reading 1 handout, work on analysis of your Homework video
      • Using Close Reading 2 handout, create a claim and include at least 3 pieces of evidence and analysis
    • Friday, 10/28
  • English 11
    • Monday, 10/24
      • Complete in-class Technology/”The Veldt” essay
    • Tuesday, 10/25
      • Informal writing/discussion
      • Read Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.’s “Harrison Bergeron”
      • Work in pairs to answer discussion questions
    • Wednesday, 10/26
      • Discuss answers to discussion questions
      • Begin watching video version of “Harrison Bergeron”
    • Thursday, 10/27
      • Finish watching “Harrison Bergeron” video
      • Complete 2081 handout
    • Friday, 10/28
      • Lit Circle video for part 1 of Fahrenheit 451

Let’s have a great week!