2016-17 Week 18 — December 12

Exam Week is here! We’re almost to Christmas Break! Hang in there and we’ll make it!

Some of you still have some missing/late work. I added a Last Chance Late Work post to Google Classroom this afternoon. Any digital/electronic work that you need to turn in should go there. If you turned that in on paper, don’t worry about doing it again to the Late Work post. You have until the end of the school day tomorrow to get these last things in to earn any credit.

Let’s take a look at the exam schedule for this week:

  • Tuesday, Dec 13
    • 7:50-9:50 — 3rd period exam
    • 10:20-12:30 — 5th period exam
  • Wednesday, Dec 14
    • 7:50-9:50 — 4th period exam
    • 10:20-12:30 — 1st period exam
  • Thursday, Dec 15
    • 7:50-9:50 — 2nd period exam
    • 10:20-12:30 — 7th period exam
  • Friday, Dec 16
    • 7:50-9:50 — 6th period exam
    • 10am dismissal

Remember, you may NOT check out when you turn in your exam–you must wait until the exam period is finished. You should bring something with you (like a book) to do if you finish early. You will probably not finish my exams early, but you may finish your other exams early.

Here’s what’s on my exams:

English 11

You will write 2 essays:

–One will be on either The Impossible Knife of Memory or Fahrenheit 451. Make sure to bring your book to the exam class. (And go ahead and bring it to class tomorrow to do some prep work.) I’ve got some copies of Fahrenheit 451 that you can borrow, but I only have one copy of The Impossible Knife of Memory.

–The other essay will be an opinion, ACT-style essay. You will have your choice of three topics to choose from. You will pick one of the topics and develop an essay.

AP Language

This will be a practice AP exam. Your exam will consist of three sections:

–Part A–Rhetorical Analysis–you will read a short piece and do some analysis on it. You will respond with a rhetorical analysis essay that focuses on rhetorical strategies used in the text.

–Part B–Multiple Choice–there are four different passages to read with several questions per passage. There are 43 questions total about those passages.

–Part C–Rhetorical Précis–you will read a short passage and write a rhetorical précis for it. You will NOT be given the template, so it’s important that you study what is required for each of the four sentences in the précis.

To study, I’d suggest reviewing the Rhetorical Device Weekly assignments that you have completed. You may find helpful terms for your analysis in part A and for the multiple choice in part B. I’d also suggest reviewing the structure for a rhetorical précis so that you know what belongs in each sentence of the précis.