REHUGO Benchmark 1 grades for AP

This message is particularly for my AP Lang students, so if you’re in Eng 11, you can disregard it.

I have graded about half the REHUGO project benchmark sets for AP Lang. (That means that I’ve graded 1st period but not 3rd period yet.) I am pleased by the work that many of you are doing so far. I hope that you are finding this to be an enjoyable process as you’re digging into a topic that you have chosen and have had some control over the design and focus. That’s one of the main reasons that I assigned this project.

With that said, I’m also extremely frustrated with some of you because many of you have not turned in anything. Folks, for this benchmark deadline, you should have been 1/3 through with your project. You should have completed 3 classwork assignments, 3 writing assignments, and 1 test assignment. Some of you completed more writing and fewer classwork or test assignments–that is fine. What I want to see is that you’re making substantial work on this project and that you’re moving forward. Because it has taken me so long to be able to start grading this (because of the grading load of AP), that means that you’ve also had 2 extra weeks to submit your project.

Out of 24 students in 1st period, 10 have not submitted anything beyond the basic shell of the website. Though I haven’t graded 3rd period’s components yet, it looks like there are 9 of the 19 who have submitted nothing. For AP students, this is not acceptable, especially since I’ve given you several Friday class periods as work days to work on these projects.

All is not lost, however. You have until March 3 to submit these assignments in the Late Assignment folder in Google Classroom. 3rd Quarter ends on March 10, and I need to have these components graded by then so that we can finalize 3rd Quarter grades. Even though the whole project won’t be finished until April 25, if we pass the March 3 deadline and you still haven’t submitted those components, these 0s will stand in the grade book.

Please–you signed up for an AP class, which means that you accepted the challenge that an advanced class would bring. It’s time for the rubber to meet the road, my friends. You cannot treat this project like something that you’ll leave til the very last second and knock it out the night before it’s due. It’s too complex and involved to do that. Please don’t do yourself the disservice of taking this project lightly. If you actually dig in and do the work as it has been scheduled out, you will likely find that you enjoy the discovery process and that you’re becoming something of an expert in this topic that you have chosen.

While I’m giving reminders, don’t forget that the final Rhetorical Device Weekly is due March 3 and that your 2nd REHUGO Benchmark is due March 4 (by then you need 6 classwork assignments, 7 writing assignments, and 2 test assignments).