2016-17 Week 23 — March 6

Happy Sunday, everyone! I got to work on lesson plans earlier in the day rather than later in the day (which just means that I’ll be grading later in the day!), so I’m here early with a blog post to give you a look at the week ahead of us. I got to spend time at the Varsity Girls soccer game on Friday (Varsity Guys–I’ll be there to see y’all soon! It was getting late and cold for my kiddos!) and at the Varsity Baseball game yesterday. What a fun weekend to cheer on my Knights! Good luck to all teams playing this week–I hope I’ll get to come and watch you soon!

This week in AP Lang, we’ll continue to do some work with the synthesis essay, and we’ll transition into reading some short stories from Flannery O’Connor. AP folks, don’t forget that you have some important deadlines coming up:

  • Tuesday, March 7 = Deadline for REHUGO Benchmark 2
    • By this date, you should have completed 6 Classwork grades, 7 Writing grades, and 2 Test grades.
    • For those components that you have already completed–if you have made revisions and you’d like for me to take another look, simply add a comment indicating such when you add your link to Google Classroom.
    • If you earned a 90 for a component, then there’s a good chance that you left off the MLA citation. Remember that EVERY DOCUMENT that you submit must have a Works Cited citation, either on it or on the page in your Google Site. Every single one!
    • If you do not have these components completed by this deadline, you will lose the opportunity to make them up. Quarter 3 ends on Friday, March 10, so any grades from Quarter 3 cannot be made up.
    • This is the time to be serious about this project. You should be 2/3 of the way through your work by now, and you should be developing a clear idea of what your final speech/TED talk will look like.
  • Tuesday, March 14 = Deadline for Rhetorical Device Weekly 5
    • This deadline was pushed back from last week. This is the final set of Rhetorical Devices, so celebrate when you finish these off!

In English 11, we’ll finish up our work with Flannery O’Connor and transition into two different things. You will be choosing one final novel for Lit Circles and you should begin reading that independently. In class, we’ll be working through the first episode of the Serial podcast.

Let’s take a closer look at this week:

  • AP English Language for March 6-10
    • Monday, March 6
      • REHUGO work day
    • Tuesday, March 7
      • REHUGO Benchmark 2 due in Google Classroom
        • Students MUST add link to REHUGO website to the post in Google Classroom. Do not add it as a private comment and do not email it. Please follow directions to ensure a timely process.
      • Locavore synthesis role play activity
    • Wednesday, March 8
      • Review and discussion of Technology Synthesis AP question and student sample responses
    • Thursday, March 9
      • Begin discussing Southern Gothic genre
      • Read and discuss William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”
    • Friday, March 10
      • Small group rhetorical analysis of “A Rose for Emily”
  • English 11 for March 6-10
    • Monday, March 6
      • Discuss theme and redemption in Flannery O’Connor stories
      • Students should have completed “Good Country People” (last week) and the O’Connor story that they picked (and should have finished reading) last week.
      • Essay test on these stories on Tuesday.
    • Tuesday, March 7
      • Flannery O’Connor essay test
    • Wednesday, March 8
      • Flannery O’Connor essay test
      • Choose books for final Lit Circle/Book Club
    • Thursday, March 9
      • Introduction to Serial
    • Friday, March 10
      • Denotation/Connotation work and beginning of Serial, episode 1

I hope we all have a great week! If you’re missing any late work, you’ve got to get it in to me before Tuesday so that I can get it graded for the end of the quarter.