Weekend Reminders for AP Lang and Eng 11

Happy long weekend! Don’t come to school tomorrow (Monday)–we won’t be there. Teachers and staff will be on retreat at Holy Spirit all day.

AP Lang folks–

Make sure that you have read the short story “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor by Tuesday morning. Fr. Driscoll will be joining us for discussion.

Also, your final Rhetorical Device weekly assignment is due in Google Classroom on Tuesday. Make sure that you get this finished and uploaded.

Eng 11 folks–

We have one more Book Club/Lit Circle book to pick, so refer to the list and start thinking. You’ll write down your preferences on Tuesday. I’ll post the list here later today. Once books and groups are assigned, you’ll need to get a copy of the book and start working. There may be copies out there floating around with the other 11th graders so check with your friends first. Both reg Eng and AP have the same book list.

To all–

I’m still grading like a crazy person. Hopefully I’ll be finished by Tuesday morning. If you see unpleasant grades between now and then or a 0 on something you know you have turned in, don’t panic. I’m working on it. (Unless, of course, the 0 is for something that you didn’t do–work won’t materialize from nothing.)

Enjoy your extra day!