2016-17 Week 33 — April 10-13

Happy Holy Week, y’all! We’ve just a few days before Easter Break, but let’s make sure that we don’t let the big picture about what we’re thinking about this week get away from us. Don’t forget that we’re entering the Holiest Week of our whole year. I hope that you’re able to take advantage of some of the Holy Week services at your church.

Here’s a quick overview of the week:

AP Language & Composition

This week will be our “slow practice” exam. We’ll do one component of the exam each day this week–one synthesis essay, one rhetorical analysis essay, one argument essay, and one full multiple choice section. Please stay focused this week and work to submit your best work.

Also, if you haven’t submitted your permission form or field trip money for the AP ASF trip, please make sure that you get that done before we leave for Easter Break.

English 11

This week we’re going to finish Episode 6 and listen to Episodes 8 and 10 to finish our discussion of Serial.

Let’s have a great week, everyone!