Important Article about Privacy and Digital Communication

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop sharing important news with you. I’ve got an article that’s written to your parents but that it’s important for all of you to read and understand. It’s about the Michelle Carter verdict. Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter largely based on text messages that she shared with her boyfriend. Carter was 17 and her boyfriend Carter Roy was 18, and he was considering suicide. She encouraged him to commit suicide, and she listened over the phone as he died, failing to alert his parents, authorities, or even just to encourage him to “get out of the car.”

This case has larger implications for you all because so much of your lives are conducted online–all the texts and group chats and Instagram posts and Snapchat stories. Take a few minutes and read this short article.

Take care of yourselves this summer. I hope you’re having fun and I hope you’re reading. I’m on book 8 so far, but I’ve got a long list waiting for me. 😊