The Benefits of Adding 10 minutes of Reading a Day

I’m reading this amazing book–Disrupting Thinking by Kylene Beers and Dr. Robert Probst. (AP–Kylene Beers is the one who wrote the open letter to the new Secretary of Education. Do you remember that prompt?) At any rate, one of things discussed in this book is the importance of reading and not just of reading, but choice reading. I just read a part that reminded me of something I knew but that lit a fire in me to share with you.

In 1988, there was a study done that showed that 5th graders who tested in the 95th percentile read about 65 min a day outside of school. That adds up to 4.3 million words in a year. Here’s the rest of the data:

95% @ 65 min/day = 4.3 mil words/yr

70% @ 10 min/day = 622,000 words/yr

50% @ 5 min/day = 282,000 words/yr

20% @ 0 min/day = 21,000 words/yr

So those numbers are interesting enough. But then another guy did a study in 2006. He wanted to see what would happen if students added just 10 min of reading a day. Now look:

20% +10 min = 321,000 words/yr

And now, data shows, he’d be more likely to test in the 55%!! What about a different group?

70% +10 min (so 20 min total a day) = 2,269,917 words/yr

That student would likely now test in the 85%!!

Just 10 minutes of reading a day has the opportunity to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, especially if you score on the lower to middle portion of the percentiles. I worked with several of you a couple of weeks ago on some last minute ACT work. I’m telling you that the single best thing you can do to improve your understanding and to improve those test scores is to read. Here’s an article that supports some of this info:

Just because I’m not there with you every day doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be reading. Grab a book and get busy. If you’re not sure what to read next, email me and I’ll give you some suggestions. Just READ!

Speaking of reading, don’t forget that you have summer reading to do. You can find the details here:

Happy Reading!