About Mrs. Turner

I was born in Ireland and moved to the US when I was just 3 years old. I feel a strong connection to the country of my birth, though, and I credit my life-long love of books to the deep love and respect that the Irish have for the written word.

I’m married to an electrical engineer who shakes his head at the sheer amount of words that I use. (In fairness, I believe that his work with circuit design is magic wrapped up in circuit boards and transistors.) He says that he could write his whole life story in about half a page. Clearly I’ve got much more to say than that. 😉

We have three beautiful girls–Maggie, Katie, and Molly. They attend Holy Spirit and are nervous about the day when Mom will become their English teacher. They’re excited, too, and have been preparing works of art for my classroom.

As the year goes on, we’ll all get to know much more about each other. I look forward to the journey!


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