2017-18 Week 30 — March 19-23

Week 30?! Really? Not far now, Papa Smurf! (Did I just totally date myself? Do you guys remember the Smurfs at all–not the Smurfs the movie, but the Smurfs from Saturday morning cartoons. Oh well–your parents will remember!) We don’t have long before the end of the school year–about 8 weeks of classes–and we’ve got quite a bit to do between now and then. Even though we’re all dreaming about a week off and maybe some sand between our toes, it’s the time to buckle down and stay focused so that we’re not sweating our grades in a few week’s time.

Speaking of being focused–Benchmark 3 for REHUGO is due on Monday, March 26. That’s NEXT Monday! You have had a couple of work days for these components, so I hope that you’re working hard to get these finished. My goal is that there will be NO 0s for REHUGO Benchmark 3 when I start looking at them on March 27. I’ll be checking before Easter Break (and putting 0s in for anything that is missing)–we’re too close to the end of the year to mess around at this point. Please make sure that you’re getting your work done and staying focused.

We also have a book that you’re supposed to be reading outside of class. The English 11 students should be reading Ernest Hemingway’s Farewell to Arms. By the end of this week (3/23), you should be about 160 pages into that book (right where Book 3/Chapter 25 (XXV) starts). I want you to have the book finished by the Tuesday after Easter Break. If you haven’t started reading yet (and I know that some of you haven’t), that’s 15 pages a day, including reading over Easter Break. If I were you, I’d make sure to spend my independent reading time in English class working on getting those pages read. 🙂  AP Lang students should be reading GK Chesterton’s Orthodoxy. You’ll need to have that finished by next Wednesday (3/28) so that we can discuss it in class. If you haven’t started yet, that’s about 18 pages a day.

Let’s take a look at this week:

  • English 11
    • Monday, March 19
      • reading – Rick Reilly
      • turn in your Chrism Mass permission slip and Lenten Day of Service permission slip!!
    • Tuesday, March 20
      • writing assignment
    • Wednesday, March 21
      • reading Carl Sandburg’s “I Am the People, the Mob”
    • Thursday, March 22
      • REHUGO work day–focusing on synthesis essay
    • Friday, March 23
      • Lenten Day of Service
      • Article of the Week #19 is due on Google Classroom
  • AP Lang
    • Monday, March 19
      • reviewing student samples from Arg essay packet and discussing
      • turn in your Chrism Mass and Lenten Day of Service permission slips
    • Tuesday, March 20
      • introduction to synthesis
    • Wednesday, March 21
      • synthesis activity
    • Thursday, March 22
      • Locavore/synthesis activity
    • Friday, March 23
      • Lenten Day of Service

Please don’t forget to turn in your permission slips for Chrism Mass and Lenten Day of Service. Also, if you haven’t bought your Prom tickets yet, the early bird special discount has been extended to Tuesday. Through Tuesday, tickets are $20 each (except for MCPS Seniors, whose tickets are $5 each). After Tuesday, regular tickets are $25 each and MCPS Seniors are $10 each. Have a great week!


REHUGO Project Reminders

Hello, students.

As I sit here working on grading REHUGO Project components, I wanted to give you some reminders.

  • Benchmark 2 components are due on Monday, February 26. Those components are:
    • Novel Summary and Response
    • Novel Book Notes
    • Historical Document Book Notes and Response
    • Historical Speech Book Notes and Responsew
    • Argument Analysis essay (done on either the book that you read or on the documentary that you watched)
  • Benchmark 3 components are due on Monday, March 26. They are:
    • Universal Truth and Quote 1 and Response
    • Universal Truth and Quote 2 and Response
    • Pro Article Summary and Response
    • Con Article Summary and Response
    • Synthesis/Analysis essay
    • Political Cartoon 1 and Response
    • Political Cartoon 2 and Response
  • Those of you who did not submit your Benchmark 1 components on time can still earn up to an 80 on those components, but they must be submitted by Monday, February 26. After that point, the highest possible score drops to a 50.
  • Late components will be scored on the rubric as usual and then the late penalty will be added. A component that would have earned a 90 if it was turned in on time may earn a 70 or even a 10 (if it is very late). Please do your best to complete the components properly and on time.

This project has been designed to give you some autonomy over your learning and to let you research something that you are interested in. Please take advantage of these opportunities and take this project seriously. It will be difficult to do well in this course if you do not.

2017-18 Week 25 — February 12-16

Happy Sunday, y’all! Our basketball teams had some tough Area Championship losses this weekend, but they both move forward in Subregional play this week. I haven’t heard an update yet on Wrestling Sectionals, but hopefully they went well, and I know that Soccer starts up this week, too. I’ve also heard that the Band and Color Guard were terrific on Friday in Mobile. Thank you to any of you who may have volunteered to help at the Montecarlo Night on Saturday night, too. It was a fun and successful night!

As we look into this week, don’t forget that Mrs. Barranco will be finishing Advising appointments for our Juniors. She’ll spend about 15 minutes with every Junior talking you through your schedule for next year. You should have gotten an email with a reminder of your appointment time, and I’ll have a schedule in my room, too. Make sure that you tell your teacher if you’re going to be missing class and that you plan to be at your advising appointment about 2 minutes early so that everything moves quickly. If you miss your appointment for any reason, send Mrs. Barranco an email or stop by her office between classes or after school and she’ll get you rescheduled.

If you have not turned in your permission form and/or money for ASF yet, you must do that early this week. 

Let’s take a look at this week!

  • English 11 — Week of February 12, 2018
    • Monday, February 12
      • Turn in any missing ASF Field Trip forms!
      • in-class essay
    • Tuesday, February 13
      • Mardi Gras Prayer Breakfast **special schedule
      • Reading rate calculation and reading plan for REHUGO book checked
      • Argument analysis in song
    • Wednesday, February 14
      • Ash Wednesday (and Valentine’s Day)–mass. **Not sure if we’ll wear mass uniforms or not yet, but I’ll update you tomorrow when we know.
      • Argument analysis in song
    • Thursday, February 15
      • Argument analysis in song
    • Friday, February 16
      • REHUGO work day
      • AotW-16 due
  • AP Lang — Week of February 12, 2018
    • Monday, February 12
      • Rhetorical Device Weekly 5 is due NEXT Tuesday, 2/20. Don’t forget. 🙂
      • Turn in any missing ASF Field Trip forms
      • in-class essay
    • Tuesday, February 13
      • Mardi Gras Prayer Breakfast **special schedule
      • Reading rate calculation and reading plan for REHUGO book checked
      • Argument analysis packet–individual work
    • Wednesday, February 14
      • Ash Wednesday (and Valentine’s Day)–mass. **Not sure if we’ll wear mass uniforms or not yet, but I’ll update you tomorrow when we know.
      • Argument analysis packet–table groups
    • Thursday, February 15
      • Argument analysis packet–whole group discussion
    • Friday, February 16
      • REHUGO work day

Let’s have a great week!


ASF Field Trip form

All Juniors–

Please make sure that you fill out the ASF Field Trip form and return it to me ASAP. The field trip is on Tuesday, February 20 (not Wednesday, Feb 20), to see Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing.

English 11 students need to bring in $5 for lunch (which will likely be pizza) and AP Lang students need to bring in $25 for lunch and the theatre ticket. AP students have already attended a play this year, so this ticket would be an additional fee.

See me if you need a new form. I need these forms back ASAP, please, to make sure that I have everything ordered and set up properly.


Week 22 Jan 22

Hello, all! Thanks for all of your prayers for the March. We had an amazing pilgrimage! I’m still recovering from the 14.5 hr bus ride last night, so I’m just going to give you some info about Monday. I’ll follow up with more information for the rest of the week tomorrow.


Students will be working on non-fiction essays for REHUGO. I will do brief conferences with each student to make sure that everyone has a topic and a book chosen to make sure everyone is on track.

Have a great week!

2017-18 Week 19 — January 3-5

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year! The time away was good for my family–it was quiet and sweet and we got to enjoy just hanging out with each other. 🙂

And now it’s time to jump back into things and start up a new year! Exciting! Do you realize that you’re only 1 semester away from your Senior year?! That’s exciting (and maybe a little nervous-making)! We’ll be spending some time talking about things that you’ll need to do this semester to set yourself up well for next year, and Mrs. Barranco will be talking to you, too. On that note, there is a Junior Class and Junior Parent meeting on Thursday, January 25, in the DBC. Please make plans to be there with your parents. Mrs. Barranco will have lots of important information that will help you make the most of 2nd semester and will help to get you set up for a successful–and hopefully less stressful!!–Senior year.

Let’s take a look at this week. We’ll be doing some thinking and planning for 2018 this week in both English 11 and AP Lang, so for once our calendars are the same:

  • English 11 and AP Lang — Week of 1/3/18
    • Wednesday, 1/3
      • One Little Word — Brainstorming and Freewriting
    • Thursday, 1/4
      • One Little Word — Writing and Illustration
    • Friday, 1/5
      • One Little Word — Illustration
      • Introduce REHUGO/20Time project

So that’s it for this week! English 11, there’s no Article of the Week this week. We’ll get back to it next week. AP Lang, don’t forget that you’ve got Rhetorical Device Weekly 4 due on January 12. It would be a good idea for you to go ahead and get that finished up this week so that you create some breathing room for yourself!

Let’s have a great week!

Some ACT Centers Closed for Weather

I know that some of you are taking the ACT tomorrow. Make sure to check on ACT.org (or here: http://www.act.org/content/act/en/products-and-services/the-act/test-day/rescheduled-test-centers.html ) before you head over there in the morning.

Several centers have already been closed:




Elmore County

I haven’t heard anything about ASU, Evangel, or Faulkner, but I’ll try to update here if I hear anything.

A little inspiration

Good morning! I hope that you have been enjoying your Thanksgiving Break with your families!

I wanted to share a little encouragement with you from my Inbox this morning:

88EB9AEB-BF15-457E-AFA4-99B106016561I get daily emails from Dynamic Catholic with little messages like this every day. For me, it’s a quick reminder of who I am and what God has put me here for. 😊 They also do a great series called Best Advent Ever—a daily message like this and a short video (a minute or two) of reflection. Check it out here: Dynamic Catholic’s Best Advent Ever

I’ll be back later today with an update about the week to come. Enjoy your day!

Calling all poets! Poetry contest!

If any of you are interested in writing poetry, I’ve got a contest for you to check out. The Leonard L. Milberg ’53 High School Poetry Contest (based out of Princeton University) is sponsoring a contest for student writers in the 11th grade. Prizes are First Prize–$500, Second Prize–$250, Third Prize–$100.

The application deadline is midnight EST on Monday, November 27.

Go here to check it out: http://arts.princeton.edu/about/opportunities/high-school-contests/poetry-contest/

Eng 11 Essay Test on Tuesday

Hello, all!

Happy Homecoming Day!

I wanted to give you a head’s up about our plans for the beginning of next week. I was going to give English 11 an essay test on Monday, but we’re moving that to Tuesday. On Monday, we’ll do some small group work with the four texts that we’re testing on: “Story of an Hour”, “A Jury of Her Peers”, “Declaration of Sentiments”, and “The Yellow Wallpaper.” On Tuesday, they’ll write an essay that will incorporate ideas from all of these texts. The students should have copies of these texts, but I’ll add digital versions to Google Classroom.