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This year we’re going to add a non-fiction component to English 10 that will appear in the form of Articles of the Week. You can read the full Article of the Week Assignment here, but in a nutshell, you will receive a new article from me every Monday. I’m going to pull articles from what’s going on right now, and I’ll be pulling things from all sorts of sources–current events, the science world, technology, law, religion, you name it! I’m looking to give you a wide variety of articles as we move through the year.

Each Monday, you’ll have a few minutes to read over the article and you’ll do what I call Mark Your Confusion or Connections. You’ll mark a couple of spots in the article where you have questions or note things that just don’t make sense to you. I’m looking for ideas like “I got lost in the middle” or “I don’t understand this reference” rather than “Nothing in the article makes any sense!” I’m also looking for thoughts like “Hey, this makes sense” or “Something like that happened to me.” Also on Monday (preferably as you read), you’ll do a Close Reading or Annotation, marking 1-2 things to respond to in the margins. From start to finish, we’ll probably spend about 10 min of class time doing this each Monday.

During the rest of the week, I want you to think about the article, and each Friday, you’ll turn in a 1+ page Reflection of what you’ve read. This isn’t a summary–I’ve read the article, too. I want you to think about what you’ve read and consider how the article might affect you or what impact the information in the article might have for you or for society at large.

You can find the rubric for how this reflection assignment will be graded on the 2nd page of the Assignment description, which I’ve linked to above. I won’t print out that rubric each week, but I will be marking your papers with a score.

My goal with this assignment is two-fold. First of all, I want to work with you all on improving your reading comprehension. Secondly, though, you’re all going to be of voting age very soon, and shortly after that, you’ll be taking on roles in our society where you will be making decisions. I’d like to help you become informed citizens so that you know what’s going on in the world around you. 🙂 I think it’ll be interesting, too, to read about some of these things. As we go through the year, if you come across an article that you think would be good for this assignment, bring it to me and I’ll consider including it! 🙂

Articles of the Week 2015-2016

Article #1–Aug 24, 2015–Doodling: AotW-2015_0824

Article #2–Aug 31, 2015–River:  AotW-2015_0831

Article #3–Sept 8, 2015–Tweet:  AotW-2015_0908

Article #4–Sept 14, 2015–Ranger:  AotW-2015_0914

Article #5–Sept 21, 2015–Poverty:  AotW-2015_0921

Article #6–Sept 28, 2015–Migrants:  AotW-2015_0928

Article #7–Oct 5, 2015–Road Trip: AotW-2015_1005

Article #8–Oct 12, 2015–Mars: AotW-2015_1012

Article #9–Oct 19, 2015–Portfolios: AotW-2015_1019

No article Oct 26

Article #10–Nov 6, 2015–Cyber insurance: AotW-2015_1106

Article #11–

Article #13–

Article #14–


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