Literature Circle Book Talks

The English Department at Montgomery Catholic wants to encourage independent reading in all of our students. Aiming to meet that goal, each grade has instituted different formats for Book Talks. This year, Sophomore English students will be completing Literature Circle Books Talks throughout the year.

I have put together a list of fourteen American Literature novels, some classics and some contemporary Young Adult selections. At the beginning of each quarter, we’ll have a Book Pass where copies of the different novels are spread throughout the room. Each student will pick up a book and read for a few minutes. Then the students will move on to another novel. Once they have had the opportunity to look over the novels, they’ll each create a top 3 list of the books that they’d like to read that quarter. I’ll compile these lists and will create Literature Circle groups based on the student lists. Everyone in that group will be responsible for reading that novel.

During the quarter, groups will come together to meet to discuss the novel that they have chosen. Each group will be responsible for meeting at least twice (once by mid-quarter and once by a week before the quarter ends) to discuss their reading. These meetings will need to be completed during tutorials or other planned time. While there may be opportunities for silent reading time during each quarter, group discussions will need to be scheduled and arranged by the group members. Finally, each member of the group will complete a Literary Letter.

You can read more about this assignment here in the full assignment description:

Literature Circle Book Talk Assignment-overall

If you are looking for components of this assignment (just the book list, for example, or just a copy of the permission forms), click on one of the links below:

Literature Circle Book Talk Assignment-choices

Literature Circle Book Talk Assignment-dates-revised

Literature Circle Book Talk Assignment-dates-revised Honors

Literature Circle Book Talk Assignment-permission

Literary Letter

I will discuss this further in class. You are always welcome to either email me or come by during tutorials to discuss this and any other things about class about which you may have questions.

Quarter 1 Groups:
1st period: LitCircle Groups-Q1-1st
2nd period: LitCircle Groups-Q1-2nd
A period (Honors): LitCircle Groups-Q1-A
D period: LitCircle Groups-Q1-D


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