Turnitin.com Registration

As I’ve told you in class, we’ll use Turnitin.com as part of our essay submission process. Whenever you have an essay assignment due, you’ll be required to submit the digital version of that essay the night before the deadline by 9pm. This policy ensures that you’re not up all night the night before an essay is due and that you’re not waiting until the very last second to finish an assignment. 🙂

In order to use this service, though, you’ll have to register with Turnitin.com. Follow this process:

  1. Go to Turnitin.com
  2. Click the Enroll in a class button.
  3. For Class Section/ID, enter the appropriate number below:
    • 1st period: 10546771
    • 2nd period: 10546780
    • A period (Honors): 10546782
    • D period: 10546790
  4. Enter the following in the Enrollment Password box: mrsturner
  5. Click Submit

You should be redirected to the student home page where you can see my class listed.

To submit your essay:

  1. Log in and click on the class name on your student home page.
  2. Click on the Submit button
  3. Make sure that your first name and last name are correct on the next page
  4. Add an essay title–Essay 1 Final Draft (for example)
  5. Click Choose from this Computer (or Dropbox or Google Drive–wherever your paper is saved) and find your file
  6. Click Upload
  7. When you see the preview of your essay, click Confirm
  8. Click Return to the assignment list
  9. Once your submission has processed, you can see a Similarity score. That’s the plagiarism checker. If you decide to revise your paper after you’ve turned it in (but before the deadline), you can resubmit. Just click Resubmit and follow the same process again. You can also click on View to see your submitted essay.