AP folks–tips and reminder

I hope you’re all having a great Easter Break!

AP folks, I wanted to pass on to you that AP_Trevor (AP’s social media person) has started sharing AP tips on Twitter:

Don’t forget that your final REHUGO components are due on Tuesday, April 25, as well as a rough draft of your speech. You’ve had over a month since the last benchmark to prepare for this, so hopefully you haven’t left it to the last minute. You will have a REHUGO work day on Monday, so come prepared with materials to work. You will only be allowed to work on REHUGO things, however, so bring your materials. If you are not working on REHUGO stuff or your speech, I’ll have an essay prompt for you to do.

Enjoy the last half of your break!


Eng 11–Test on Thursday

English 11 folks, I just realized that I left off an important detail on my weekly update last night. English 11 classes will be having an essay test on Serial on Thursday, 4/14. We’ll review some in class on Tuesday and Wednesday, but if you’ve been following along with the podcasts and with our class discussions, you should be fine.

2016-17 Week 33 — April 10-13

Happy Holy Week, y’all! We’ve just a few days before Easter Break, but let’s make sure that we don’t let the big picture about what we’re thinking about this week get away from us. Don’t forget that we’re entering the Holiest Week of our whole year. I hope that you’re able to take advantage of some of the Holy Week services at your church.

Here’s a quick overview of the week:

AP Language & Composition

This week will be our “slow practice” exam. We’ll do one component of the exam each day this week–one synthesis essay, one rhetorical analysis essay, one argument essay, and one full multiple choice section. Please stay focused this week and work to submit your best work.

Also, if you haven’t submitted your permission form or field trip money for the AP ASF trip, please make sure that you get that done before we leave for Easter Break.

English 11

This week we’re going to finish Episode 6 and listen to Episodes 8 and 10 to finish our discussion of Serial.

Let’s have a great week, everyone!

2016-17 Week 32 — April 3-7

Happy Sunday, everyone! It’s been a couple of Sundays since I’ve posted our Weekly Update, and I’m sorry that I let that fall to the wayside. I shifted my work time today, starting with lesson plans and finishing with grading, instead of the other way around. I’ll probably be up late grading things later tonight. 🙂

Last week ended on a wonky note, so we’re going to take a fresh start and start this week off on a better note. We’ve only got two weeks until Easter Break (9 class days!!) and then we’ll just have four weeks left until Finals Week! We’re close!!

Don’t forget that we’ve got Lenten Day of Service this Friday. Please bring your permission slips back ASAP so that we can have everything sorted out and ready by Wednesday. If you’re in AP, then I need for you to bring your permission slip and money for the ASF trip to see The Tempest, too!

Let’s take a closer look at this week:

  • AP English Lang & Composition — Week of April 3-7
    • Monday, April 3
      • Read “The Body Rituals of the Nacirema”
      • Work on a group satire project
    • Tuesday, April 4
      • Finish the satire project
    • Wednesday, April 5
      • In-class essay: argument prompt
    • Thursday, April 6
      • Multiple Choice strategies and practice
    • Friday, April 7–Lenten Service Day!
      • Be at school by 7:50 and report to your Advisory class
      • Wear khaki pants or jeans, closed-toe shoes, and your Lenten Service Day shirt (which you’ll get on Wednesday).
      • Mass at 8am in the DBC
      • We’ll work at our location from about 9:30/9:45-about 12.
      • All groups will return to school by 12:30 and will go to the DBC with their Advisory group for pizza and debriefing
      • Students dismissed at 1pm
  • English 11 — Week of April 3-7
    • Monday, April 3
      • Episode 5 of Serial
      • Cell tower mapping and discussion
    • Tuesday, April 4
      • Finish mapping activity
      • Begin Episode 6 Vocab work–finish for homework
    • Wednesday, April 5
      • Episode 6 of Serial
      • Work on analyzing evidence against Adnan
    • Thursday, April 6
      • Defense attorney/Creative Writing exercise
      • Begin vocab for Episode 8
    • Friday, April 7–Lenten Service Day!
      • Be at school by 7:50 and report to your Advisory class
      • Wear khaki pants or jeans, closed-toe shoes, and your Lenten Service Day shirt (which you’ll get on Wednesday).
      • Mass at 8am in the DBC
      • We’ll work at our location from about 9:30/9:45-about 12.
      • All groups will return to school by 12:30 and will go to the DBC with their Advisory group for pizza and debriefing
      • Students dismissed at 1pm

Let’s have a great week! If I’m waiting for permission forms from you, please be aware and turn those in in a timely manner!

PS–For any of you who have read 13 Reasons Why, Netflix has created an original series based on the book. I’m only on the 3rd episode so far, but it’s really good. It’s holding up well against the book (which isn’t something I normally say!). If you’ve read it, check it out! I’d suggest reading the book first, though! It’s a good one!

Weekend Reminders for AP Lang and Eng 11

Happy long weekend! Don’t come to school tomorrow (Monday)–we won’t be there. Teachers and staff will be on retreat at Holy Spirit all day.

AP Lang folks–

Make sure that you have read the short story “Good Country People” by Flannery O’Connor by Tuesday morning. Fr. Driscoll will be joining us for discussion.

Also, your final Rhetorical Device weekly assignment is due in Google Classroom on Tuesday. Make sure that you get this finished and uploaded.

Eng 11 folks–

We have one more Book Club/Lit Circle book to pick, so refer to the list and start thinking. You’ll write down your preferences on Tuesday. I’ll post the list here later today. Once books and groups are assigned, you’ll need to get a copy of the book and start working. There may be copies out there floating around with the other 11th graders so check with your friends first. Both reg Eng and AP have the same book list.

To all–

I’m still grading like a crazy person. Hopefully I’ll be finished by Tuesday morning. If you see unpleasant grades between now and then or a 0 on something you know you have turned in, don’t panic. I’m working on it. (Unless, of course, the 0 is for something that you didn’t do–work won’t materialize from nothing.)

Enjoy your extra day!

2016-17 Week 23 — March 6

Happy Sunday, everyone! I got to work on lesson plans earlier in the day rather than later in the day (which just means that I’ll be grading later in the day!), so I’m here early with a blog post to give you a look at the week ahead of us. I got to spend time at the Varsity Girls soccer game on Friday (Varsity Guys–I’ll be there to see y’all soon! It was getting late and cold for my kiddos!) and at the Varsity Baseball game yesterday. What a fun weekend to cheer on my Knights! Good luck to all teams playing this week–I hope I’ll get to come and watch you soon!

This week in AP Lang, we’ll continue to do some work with the synthesis essay, and we’ll transition into reading some short stories from Flannery O’Connor. AP folks, don’t forget that you have some important deadlines coming up:

  • Tuesday, March 7 = Deadline for REHUGO Benchmark 2
    • By this date, you should have completed 6 Classwork grades, 7 Writing grades, and 2 Test grades.
    • For those components that you have already completed–if you have made revisions and you’d like for me to take another look, simply add a comment indicating such when you add your link to Google Classroom.
    • If you earned a 90 for a component, then there’s a good chance that you left off the MLA citation. Remember that EVERY DOCUMENT that you submit must have a Works Cited citation, either on it or on the page in your Google Site. Every single one!
    • If you do not have these components completed by this deadline, you will lose the opportunity to make them up. Quarter 3 ends on Friday, March 10, so any grades from Quarter 3 cannot be made up.
    • This is the time to be serious about this project. You should be 2/3 of the way through your work by now, and you should be developing a clear idea of what your final speech/TED talk will look like.
  • Tuesday, March 14 = Deadline for Rhetorical Device Weekly 5
    • This deadline was pushed back from last week. This is the final set of Rhetorical Devices, so celebrate when you finish these off!

In English 11, we’ll finish up our work with Flannery O’Connor and transition into two different things. You will be choosing one final novel for Lit Circles and you should begin reading that independently. In class, we’ll be working through the first episode of the Serial podcast.

Let’s take a closer look at this week:

  • AP English Language for March 6-10
    • Monday, March 6
      • REHUGO work day
    • Tuesday, March 7
      • REHUGO Benchmark 2 due in Google Classroom
        • Students MUST add link to REHUGO website to the post in Google Classroom. Do not add it as a private comment and do not email it. Please follow directions to ensure a timely process.
      • Locavore synthesis role play activity
    • Wednesday, March 8
      • Review and discussion of Technology Synthesis AP question and student sample responses
    • Thursday, March 9
      • Begin discussing Southern Gothic genre
      • Read and discuss William Faulkner’s “A Rose for Emily”
    • Friday, March 10
      • Small group rhetorical analysis of “A Rose for Emily”
  • English 11 for March 6-10
    • Monday, March 6
      • Discuss theme and redemption in Flannery O’Connor stories
      • Students should have completed “Good Country People” (last week) and the O’Connor story that they picked (and should have finished reading) last week.
      • Essay test on these stories on Tuesday.
    • Tuesday, March 7
      • Flannery O’Connor essay test
    • Wednesday, March 8
      • Flannery O’Connor essay test
      • Choose books for final Lit Circle/Book Club
    • Thursday, March 9
      • Introduction to Serial
    • Friday, March 10
      • Denotation/Connotation work and beginning of Serial, episode 1

I hope we all have a great week! If you’re missing any late work, you’ve got to get it in to me before Tuesday so that I can get it graded for the end of the quarter.

REHUGO Benchmark 1 grades for AP

This message is particularly for my AP Lang students, so if you’re in Eng 11, you can disregard it.

I have graded about half the REHUGO project benchmark sets for AP Lang. (That means that I’ve graded 1st period but not 3rd period yet.) I am pleased by the work that many of you are doing so far. I hope that you are finding this to be an enjoyable process as you’re digging into a topic that you have chosen and have had some control over the design and focus. That’s one of the main reasons that I assigned this project.

With that said, I’m also extremely frustrated with some of you because many of you have not turned in anything. Folks, for this benchmark deadline, you should have been 1/3 through with your project. You should have completed 3 classwork assignments, 3 writing assignments, and 1 test assignment. Some of you completed more writing and fewer classwork or test assignments–that is fine. What I want to see is that you’re making substantial work on this project and that you’re moving forward. Because it has taken me so long to be able to start grading this (because of the grading load of AP), that means that you’ve also had 2 extra weeks to submit your project.

Out of 24 students in 1st period, 10 have not submitted anything beyond the basic shell of the website. Though I haven’t graded 3rd period’s components yet, it looks like there are 9 of the 19 who have submitted nothing. For AP students, this is not acceptable, especially since I’ve given you several Friday class periods as work days to work on these projects.

All is not lost, however. You have until March 3 to submit these assignments in the Late Assignment folder in Google Classroom. 3rd Quarter ends on March 10, and I need to have these components graded by then so that we can finalize 3rd Quarter grades. Even though the whole project won’t be finished until April 25, if we pass the March 3 deadline and you still haven’t submitted those components, these 0s will stand in the grade book.

Please–you signed up for an AP class, which means that you accepted the challenge that an advanced class would bring. It’s time for the rubber to meet the road, my friends. You cannot treat this project like something that you’ll leave til the very last second and knock it out the night before it’s due. It’s too complex and involved to do that. Please don’t do yourself the disservice of taking this project lightly. If you actually dig in and do the work as it has been scheduled out, you will likely find that you enjoy the discovery process and that you’re becoming something of an expert in this topic that you have chosen.

While I’m giving reminders, don’t forget that the final Rhetorical Device Weekly is due March 3 and that your 2nd REHUGO Benchmark is due March 4 (by then you need 6 classwork assignments, 7 writing assignments, and 2 test assignments).

2016-17 Week 23 — February 13

Happy Sunday, y’all! It’s a great time to be a Knight!

Before I talk about what we’re doing this week in class, I want to make sure that you know that you’re going to need one of the novels from the book list soon. In about a week, the English 11 classes will begin reading The Complete Stories by Flannery O’Connor. AP Lang students will need it in about two weeks. You should have purchased this from MBS when you purchased your other textbooks at the beginning of the year, but if you didn’t, you can probably find a copy in a local bookstore, on Amazon ($12.33 new, as low as $3.44 used), or a site like Half.com (as low as $4 used). Please make arrangements to get this book so that we can move forward with our study of it. Flannery O’Connor was an amazing Southern author with a deep Catholic faith who wrote in the Southern Gothic style. I think you’ll like her–she’s one of my favorites. 🙂

Let’s take a look at this week:

AP English Lang & Comp for Feb 13-17

  • Monday, February 13
    • rhetorical analysis preparation of an open letter
    • small group discussion
  • Tuesday, February 14
    • timed writing on open letter prompt
  • Wednesday, February 15
    • introduction to logical fallacies
    • quick fallacy project
  • Thursday, February 16
    • intro to synthesis writing
  • Friday, February 17
    • intro to synthesis sources

English 11 for Feb 13-17

  • Monday, February 13
    • Love Letter analysis–Johnny Cash & June Carter; John & Abigail Adams; Napoleon
  • Tuesday, February 14
    • Love Letter analysis (cont.)–Beethoven, Fitzgerald, Reagan
  • Wednesday, February 15
    • Love Letter analysis (cont.)
    • Love Letters + song mini project
  • Thursday, February 16
    • Love Letters + song project (cont.)
  • Friday, February 17
    • Love Letters + Odes
    • Neruda as a mentor text

Let’s have a great week! If you’re in AP, keep working on your REHUGO projects!

2016-17 Week 23 — January 30

Happy Monday, y’all! I’m getting my bearings after being away at the March for Life last week, but what an amazing trip!! I’ll put together a slideshow of photos later so that you can see our adventures. Hopefully even more of you will come with us next year!

This week in English 11 and AP Lang we’ll be finishing up our work on the PSA mini project. You should be filming today, and then we’ll work on edits tomorrow. We’ll present and evaluate them Wednesday and Thursday.

AP Lang folks–you’ve got two other deadlines this week, so I hope you’ve been working.

  • On Feb 2 (Thursday), you’ve got Rhetorical Device Weekly 4 due. Make sure to edit the document that was shared with you in Google Drive (RhetDevWk4–your name).
  • On Feb 3 (Friday), you’ve got Benchmark 1 deadline for the REHUGO project. Make sure that you check your paperwork for the requirements. All completed components should be added to your REHUGO Google Site by the end of school on Friday. You should have completed 3 of the Classwork components, 3 of the Writing components, and 2 of the Test components. It does not matter which order of the REHUGO list that you complete (so you can pull from the R section, the H section, and the O sections, etc). You’ve had several work sessions in class for this, so I expect this week to be a time of finalizing efforts rather than a last minute scramble to complete the work.

I hope you all have a great week. It’s Catholic Schools week, so let’s celebrate the many blessings that we have because of our Catholic school and all of those in the community–families, parishes and priests, supporters, faculty, and admin–who make Montgomery Catholic Preparatory School a wonderful place to be!